Most of our work is the design and delivery of fully bespoke development solutions to meet specific needs. These are unique, and reflect your unique business and people development needs.

Now, with a growing global reputation built from working with executive, senior and middle management, and non-management populations, providing high impact development interventions that add sustainable value for your business we are pleased to offer our OdysseyCORE™ service.

In-house programme development

On your behalf we can create bespoke interventions and transfer the ownership of them to you, for delivery by your team of training professionals.

As with all our bespoke work, the copy-right for these programme transfers to you once they have been built.

In support of this we are an accredited development centre with the ILM and can have the programmes accredited on your behalf as either assessment or development awards if that will add value for you.

Recognising the increasing pressure organisations feel when releasing people for longer periods of time, or for budgetary reasons, we can develop a range of OdysseyBYTE™ modules for you. These are a range of 2-3 hour development sessions that when combined can provide a programme of compact and highly targeted development interventions for when you need them most – either to develop additional critical skills or to support project or other change initiatives.

Unique people and business development support

We can provide the following unique support mechanisms to assist in sustaining, enhancing, and reinforcing the investment you make in the development of your people:


A dedicated web resource through which we can provide copies of training materials. All participants can access regularly updated information, remotely, from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

If required we can also provide discussion forums dedicated to each development topic. These act as a safe environment in which participants can debate, discuss and gain reinforcement from each other and the facilitators for the learning they have experienced.

This is ideal for supporting action learning sets, coaching groups and networking across your business.

Odyssey ONLINE™

On-line and coaching support for six months following programme completion. If the programme is modular we also provide support during the programme itself.


To assist in reinforcing the learning and its transference into the work place, we can provide a regular electronic communication providing additional and complementary information, insights, and guidance on the dimensions covered during the learning experience. This is for six months post programme completion.

OdysseyCPR™ Capability & Profile Reporting

As part of any management or leadership development work we can provide an
‘organisational’ report on the group profile of participants as it develops. This is drawn from any development or assessment psychometrics used and the observations of the facilitators to identify strengths, weakness, and critical trends in behaviour and the associated performance and cultural implications.