Corporate Expeditions

NEW! Leadership, Talent and Personal Development Safaris and Expeditions

Uniquely Different – Uniquely Powerful

At Odyssey we understand that strong teams and powerful leadership are essential in any business and want to work with you to provide development experiences for your people that are uniquely different and enduringly powerful; experiences that deliver an ROI not just financially, but also culturally, helping your people to excel today, and build for new tomorrows.

With this in mind we invite you to engage in challenging and defining leadership development experiences in one of the world’s most unique locations, the ‘garden province’ of Kwazulu Natal.

Our bespoke corporate learning expeditions will result in your people having a personal development experience the benefits and memory of which will last a lifetime.

Unlocking Potential – Driving Performance

Engaging them both intellectually and emotionally in an inspiring setting, we will work with your leaders, helping them to build powerful and enduring leadership legacies.

Leaders of all levels, intact-teams, high potentials and graduates will build enhanced levels of self-awareness, response-ability and performance. Appreciating differently: Who they are; their place in the world, their responsibilities towards the society of their organisations; and, the opportunities they can capitalise to shape the future of your business and its performance.

Global leadership and talent development expertise

Integrating our expertise in global leadership, people and talent development with experts in safari and survival, we take people off the beaten track and spend time in nature’s classroom in one of the world’s most amazing environments and cultures. The focus of our leadership expeditions is to enhance leadership behaviour, self-awareness and performance and alongside our chosen expedition partner we will provide intense learning experiences that shape how people ‘think, feel, and act’.

Building bench-strength for the challenges ahead

Odyssey invites your people on a journey of discovery that will stay with them for years to come. Our host location is the Zingela Safari and River Camp where they will develop skills and gain insights through powerful leadership, talent, personal and team building activities. Whatever the requirements and expectations of your business and the aims of each individual, we guarantee our bespoke development expeditions will far surpass them.

Additional benefits

Our leadership safaris and expeditions maintain the highest levels of environmental responsibility. We can provide fully immersive experiences, with complementary activities ranging from fostering a deeper understanding of the impact of corporate behaviour on the environment, cultural diversity and wildlife conservation, through to anti-poaching, survival, history and community projects.

Whether as development for your high potentials, leaders, graduates or other key personnel; whether you want something different and unique that fits with the culture of your business, or, as a development reward for a top performing team, we’d welcome to opportunity to speak about how these unique experiences will add value to your business and what is seeks to achieve.

To find out more about our company leadership expeditions, please contact Kevin Lawrence: