Odyssey leadership development philosophy

Unfortunately, most training providers follow some of the worst ‘best practices’ that are associated with ‘training’. One such practice is to position leadership development programmes at around the mid-range of competence and experience of the target population, ensuring that some participants are stretched (marginally), some find it interesting (but have seen it before) and some find the experience frustrating (and of little or no value).

At Odyssey we are committed to delivering leadership development training that engages people intellectually and emotionally, in helping shape underlying attitudes and encouraging them to think, feel and act differently.

To achieve this we design and deliver what we refer to as ‘defining experiences’, not only the shape and nature of the content and structure of any intervention, but also through its pitch and intensity. This ensures all participants are stretched, challenged, and motivated to try new ways of working:

Our approach has been described as new and exciting and a breath of fresh air! We integrate the latest thinking and leadership development approaches with the best of the traditional and believe this is contributes to our being one of the fastest growing leadership and management development companies in the United Kingdom.