“Kevin and his colleagues at The Odyssey Group bring a fresh perspective to organisational development and talent development. Through very intense and innovative action learning programmes, they have contributed immensely in our business in Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Kevin and his colleagues all have extensive experience in ‘real life’ businesses and bring a wealth of insights and learning to their clients. Their inspiring interpersonal skills and research based teaching enable them towork and collaborate with people across various cultures and disciplines and really make a lasting impact.

I would recommend any senior executive towork with Odyssey in upgrading their talent in a unique way and making the learning embed in the day-today-workplace.”

Medacs Healthcare Group


“We have worked closely with the Odyssey Group over the last five years, particularly in the areas of leadership, team development and sales. Their understanding of our business, along with their commercial focus and expertise in organisational development, enables them to provide practical and business focused interventions which have had a big impact on our business.

A recent example of this is a Team Development day for our newly created senior management team. The objectives of the day were to help the Managers understand each other’s styles of working; to look at how we work together as a team and our roles in reinforcing our values and culture throughout our business. The feedback from the event was excellent, both from a personal and team perspective. As a result, the Managing Directors are now organising a similar day for their own business areas.

Claire Evans, HR Director for Medacs Healthcare Group says “all the facilitators we work with from the Odyssey Group are very professional and knowledgeable, their delivery and skills are of an extremely high standard and I strongly recommend them.”



“Following an extensive tender process, AXA selected Odyssey to develop ‘AXA Leaders’, a program targeting experienced new hires, as well as current employees transitioning to larger management roles. In spite of tight timelines and the need to customise all content to AXA’s business culture, Odyssey more than delivered on its commitment to design a challenging, high quality program, on time and on budget. We have since decided to extend our partnership with Odyssey for the design of a new management / leadership program to be rolled out to all people managers at AXA.”

AXA Equitable


“It is my pleasure to able to share with you our experience and recommendation of the Odyssey Group.

AXA Equitable has contracted with the Odyssey Group to facilitate a values and behavior based management program called Local AXA Manager.  To date, we have partnered with Odyssey to facilitate four offerings of this program for over 90 managers. One of our most successful offerings of the program followed our acquisition of The MONY Group, during which time the Local AXA Manager program contributed to the integration of new managers into AXA Equitable.

The Local AXA Manager programs were co-facilitated with a Senior Leaders / Executive from AXA Equitable and Mark effectively prepared and engaged these senior leaders to ensure their success and that of the program. It is important to note that Mark was also heavily involved in the redesign of this program with AXA in preparation for its rollout and offering by local entities.

The feedback from participants has been universally positive.”

Christian Salvesen

christian salvesen

“Odyssey were engaged to both design and deliver a suite of stand-alone courses that would compliment and support our ongoing management development programmes.

The key aspect of their service at both of these stages has been flexibility. By initially spending time in the business, they gained a proper understanding of how we operate and this was reflected in the courses they produced.

In terms of delivery they have always been practical and supportive even when we’ve had to make changes at the last minute.”

Talking Chalk (Deutsche Bank)

deutsche bank

“My company conducted a talent review for the IT function in the investment banking division at Deutsche Bank. The review included a detailed evaluation of 20 Managing Directors and 120 Directors. The output of the review was to design a bespoke leadership programme for the aforementioned MD’s and D’s and I asked The Odyssey Group to help design the programme and join me in presenting the design to the client. The quality of their work was exceptional and, on winning the mandate to deliver the programme, I had no hesitation in inviting them to co-facilitate the modules with my company. We worked together and I now regard the support which I receive from them as a crucial component in my relationship with Deutsche Bank. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a world-class training organisation.”

Ordnance Survey

ordnance survey

“The Odyssey Group, have been known to Ordnance Survey for the last 3 years. During this period our experience has been good. We have been pleased to develop a valued relationship, which has seen both repeat and new programmes commissioned. The standards set and delivered have always been highly professional.”

Participants’ feedback

Below is a selection of some of the comments we have received for our programmes. Feedback is an integral part of the Odyssey Experience to ensure participants get the most from the event and identify areas for future improvement.

“This module was great! It’s not my personal opinion but also the feedback I had from other participants – they were very excited!”

“One of the best courses I have attended in recent years. It has helped to refocus my direction.”

“This programme let me review my management skills, tools and styles systematically, whilst offering many new tools, new ways and new concepts.”

“A highly motivated facilitator, passionate about the course and brought lots of experience and knowledge.”

“This programme will help me to better understand and lead my team in the future.”

“After 2 years as a manager, I now finally get what is my vision for my team and how I can improve team performance. Thank you again for the insight that I have developed during this session.”

“I’m convinced you can’t buy a place on a course like this, and feel very privileged to have attended reasonably early on in my leadership career.”

“Knowing you has been one of my more powerful experiences of the last couple of years.”

“I know the learning will stay with me for life.”

“Your programme was a course like no other I’ve experienced! At times, I was way out of my comfort zone but throughout all the modules found the material interesting, stimulating and motivational.”

“When asked what have been my life changing experiences I’ll look back, point to your programme and say ‘that was!’”

“Thank you for the fantastic sessions, you presented this material in such a dynamic way that the days went very quickly! Thank you for challenging us to puck a little harder when we thought we had the answer. The exercises where you told us to keep digging, really helped me have a clearer picture of actionable vs passive.”