What is the Odyssey experience?

Central to our ethos is creating what participants from our bespoke interventions have described as ‘defining development experiences’.

These are key development points in a career that fundamentally alters personal perceptions and practices and act as reference points for future growth and success. The shape and structure of these defining experiences needs to vary from business to business, and from individual to individual. This is why every Odyssey experience is bespoke and never simply recycled.

Compared with more classically designed and delivered programmes, Odyssey experiences have shown, when combined with our support tools, up to a 400% better return on the consolidation of learning into the work place than more traditionally designed and delivered interventions.

What do we do?

We don’t only preach change in others! We ‘practice what we preach’,

First and foremost, we live in the real world. Every one of our consultants has achieved success in organisational management and development work before joining us. Every one of us recognise that realising commercial benefit for you is the keystone of our service, helping us to deliver programmes that challenge and stimulate, that are intensive and last a lifetime, that promote excellence and focus on creating measurable commercial advantage.

Our interventions build upon and expand participants own experience and knowledge. We enrich participants’ perspectives and draw on their own potential for growth and provide the latest proven research blended with the best classical development work.

Our events are designed to be a permanent reference point in peoples’ careers and development. The learning is built to last and delivers tangible benefits. Even within your organisation, rarely are two programmes identical:

Firstly: because each group is different and your business will continue to change

Secondly, because as programme awareness increases and learning starts to be shared with future participants, there is a need for the programme to adapt to changing expectations and prior awareness/knowledge

To allow for the above, we will continue to seek new (or classical) proven ideas, approaches and knowledge that will add additional value to the work we do for you and seek your approval for their inclusion.

Permanently working in support of participants’ line managers, programmes are reinforced by the use of our, or your own, support tools