How we deliver

Breaking the mould

Hard, pragmatic, different – stimulating, engaging and intensive – uniquely powerful and a call to action. This is ‘real world development’ at its best – so we’ve been told. Pushing back the boundaries of training and development, our interventions have a fundamental impact on participants, daring them to be ‘the best they can be’ and to make today, tomorrow… every day make a difference; for the benefit of their customers, organisations, teams and selves.

What do you get

Our bespoke development interventions are based on the premise that there is no single right answer! There is only the answer that is right for you, based upon you and your business’s unique requirements.

Odyssey Experiences are intensive and intense. They ask the difficult questions of participants and the culture of their business.

The experience is ‘real-world’ and anchored in commercial realities. It is hard work, enjoyable, and the benefits will last a lifetime. Pragmatic learning experiences that are an anchor point for personal and business success.

Our interventions are anchored in the world of business. The focus is to guide participants through knowing, understanding, and ‘feeling’ the concepts – to helping them to make them a reality in their work-places.

We combine input sessions, case studies and theory, with hands-on exercises, discussion groups and facilitator coaching. All reflected back to the real world of work in which participants operate.

Some programmes need to be residential due to the volume and intensity of work, demanding a high level of intellectual, emotional and resource commitment from both participants and their organisations.

Your Odyssey people

Things will never be the same again! As a consequence of working with us your people will have a new perspective on what is achievable both personally and operationally.

They’ll show a deeper sense of purpose and demonstrate a determination to ‘make every day make a difference’, engaging with individuals, teams and customers.

Some key elements of the work we undertake are that it will, as appropriate:

  • Align behaviour and practices to the operational and cultural vision of your business
  • Be mapped against and supportive of, your competency frameworks
  • Be sensitive to, and supportive, in developing stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships between management, employees, new and existing clients, and the different operating areas of the business
  • Assist in enabling higher levels of employee engagement, motivation, trust, communication and performance
  • Be supportive of other change activity within the business
  • Reinforce your ‘key messages’

In addition, for management and leadership development, we ensure that any work undertaken:

  • Creates a common understanding and practice of exemplary personal management and leadership
  • Accelerates management and leadership development and enables high performance behaviours amongst the management team