Making Leadership Matter – ‘Growth for their Future’

In March of 2015, we undertook our inaugural Odyssey Invictus expedition to South Africa with residents of the Home Group Foyer in Eastbourne. We’re very pleased to announce we’re doing it again – this time working with residents of the SAHA Foyer in Newhaven, East Sussex.


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Invictus is a personal development programme for socially and financially less advantaged and ‘at risk’ young adults between the ages of 16 and 21. It consists of 11 days personal development plus a 15-day learning expedition in South Africa. It supports governmental initiatives to improve upward social mobility and the development of ‘critical skills’, as well as the skills recently identified as being most sought after by UK employers – both the BCC and CBI recently highlighted critical soft skills shortages, including: problem-solving, decision-making, self-management, self-confidence, communication and personal leadership.

The Invictus Programme

5 full-day pre-expedition sessions to: prepare participants for the experience they will have in South Africa, start the skills and personal development process and support them in becoming ‘fit to learn’ in today’s agile world.

A 15-day expedition to KwaZulu-Natal that is packed with cultural, environmental, personal and conservation learning, and, local community projects. This phase includes high impact experiential learning activities on the banks of the Tugela River and intensive 1-2-1 coaching – this phase is a ‘learning and self-development crucible’ in which we challenge and push them physically, emotionally and intellectually.

6 follow-up days to help transfer the learning from the expedition back into their day-to-day lives, support participants in capitalising on their experiences, and, continue developing critical life and employability skills.

Championing Youth

The programme is about championing youth. Helping them realise their potential, and, helping us all realise that supporting those less advantaged than ourselves helps build a strong, diverse and inclusive society.


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