Five New Year ‘Performance Resolutions’

The New Year brings potential, enthusiasm and New Year’s Resolutions; most of which are broken within weeks (often days) of them being made. This article isn’t about those!

Rather, it is a list of every-day actions you can take, if you don’t already, to build a more powerful and successful workforce.

‘Every-Day Resolutions’ for you and your business:

1. Include others in goal setting and planning

You may set the overall direction, but remember, your team members are investing in the business too – their time, skills, knowledge and effort. If you want to align them with a sense of purpose and passion, let them be involved in constructing meaningful goals; both performance and developmental.

2. Communicate in more ways

As a business you must ensure that the messages sent have been received, understood and acted on when necessary. This can sometimes require communicating more frequently and in different ways; formal and informal. Don’t rely on just your preferred method – be creative and focus on the core message, in language and terms that have meaning for them, not just you.

3. Focus feedback on the future

To be an effective coach for your people you must help them grow in multiple dimensions: performance; skills; knowledge and capability. Do this by giving feedback and constructive advice about what they can do to capitalise on their strengths or to correct areas of weakness – going forward. Don’t be one of the ‘leader-managers’ who focus on justifying, rationalising or trying to ‘fix yesterday’!

4. Be a powerful role model

Your behaviours, attitudes and work habits will ‘rub off’ on your team. Unfortunately, they also often believe the negative exceptions in your behaviour to be the ‘real you’ – so be ‘consciously consistent’ in how you act; create a powerful legacy through how you: work with others, work independently, talk about the things that matter and about how you feel and think about the work.   You want people to want to ‘do what you do’, in their own unique and positive ways.

5. Keep goals at the forefront of your and everyone else’s mind

Consistently and regularly link the work and how it is being done to a successful future for the company and the people in it. Both corporate and individual goals matter – they keep us focused on the things that are important; attentive to what we need to do; and, help us make the right choices toward achieving them.

Don’t be a ‘once a year resolutioner’ Be an everyday contributor!