Odyssey Invictus

Odyssey Invictus™ is a personal development expedition to South Africa for small groups of socially and financially less advantaged young adults between the ages of 16 and 21. The expeditions enable them to have the type of ‘life defining learning experiences’ often only accessible to those from more affluent or advantaged backgrounds.

Critical life and work skills

Odyssey supports in broad terms, governmental initiatives to improve upward social mobility and the development of ‘critical skills’, as well as the skills recently identified as being most sought after by employers. Both the BCC and CBI have recently highlighted critical soft skills shortages, including: problem solving, decision making, self-management,  self-confidence, communication and personal leadership.

Our mission

To teach young adults more about themselves and increase their awareness of the ‘world of possibilities’ in which they live; providing cultural, personal, social and environmental learning in such a way that the experience motivates and inspires young adults to recognise that the only constraint to their future success is their willingness to learn, work hard, and contribute positively to ‘their society and their world’. To help them realise that they do have a bright and optimistic future.

This expedition is all about championing youth. Helping them realise their potential, and, helping us all realise that supporting those less advantaged than ourselves helps build a strong, diverse and inclusive society.

For more details please contact Kevin Lawrence: klawrence@odysseygrp.co.ukodyssey-invictus-page