Hyder Consulting

Hyder Consulting has been providing engineering excellence for 150 years. With a long standing reputation for delivering landmark and high profile projects, it has operations in more than 20 countries. Recent examples include the Melbourne City Link, the Emirates Twin Towers in Dubai and the Cairo Wastewater Project.


Hyder Consulting’s vision is to be the ‘consultant of choice worldwide’. To support this drive, a new behavioural framework was launched followed by a full behavioural audit of the top 200 leaders in the business using a 360 degree survey. This was supported by a series of data gathering interviews to ensure focus was placed on the appropriate development areas.

The Challenge

The Odyssey Group was asked to create and deliver an intense and high impact global development program focused primarily on 2 core themes:

  • Recognising and developing talent, coaching and developing others
  • Building and managing internal and external relationships

The Solution

The Odyssey Group designed, developed and implemented, an innovative, high impact five-day, two module program that was deployed in the global regions. To ensure an intense yet supportive learning environment, participation was limited to groups of sixteen, with two facilitators working with each group.

The learning experience incorporated the use of rigorously integrated cutting edge theory and practice including; conceptual models, case studies, role plays, personal data to provide anchor points, high impact exercises and a blend of large and small group and individual work.

Between modules, which were 8-10 weeks apart, regionally-based facilitators worked on a 1:1 and 1:group basis with the participants, coaching and supporting them in transferring and integrating new skills and knowledge to their roles. Additionally, we provided further e-based prompts through articles, abstracts and in-house thought pieces. The modules and coaching focused on developing the leader-managers’ skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • How to recruit and empower high caliber individuals who understand and deliver real business value
  • Taking positive steps to retain high performers and develop/encourage them to excel
  • Driving and embedding ‘positive behaviour’ throughout the business
  • Empowering, reviewing and encouraging others to build ‘the business’
  • Building awareness of the impact that their own behavior has on others and style flexibility
  • Building, supporting and developing positive long-term internal and external relationships
  • Promoting collaborative working and addressing territorial behaviour and conflict
  • Driving ‘global unity’ and interdependency

The program has been delivered to leader-managers in the UK, Middle East, Far East and Australia.

Sample Participant Feedback

“ The best development program I have ever attended”

“ The program has given me the tools, insights and understanding as to how I can make a positive impact on the competencies and achieving our vision”

“ The last few days have been a revelation and I can now see a clear route for my team and I to pursue to achieve our vision”