Global Financial Services

AXA Group is a world leader in financial protection. Fifty million individuals and businesses have placed their trust in AXA to:

  • Insure their property
  • Protect their family or employees
  • Manage their personal or business assets

AXA has operations in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

112,000 employees and exclusive sales associates around the world are dedicated to deliver AXA clients with the solutions and services they need and expect.


With a 20 year history of success, primarily based on acquisitive growth, the AXA Group realised that its next challenge was to demonstrate equal capacity for organic growth to enable them to meet their ‘Ambition 2012’ targets. One of the keys to them building a high performance organisation is their ability to attract, retain, develop and engage the best talent in the industry. The integration and engagement of experienced new managers continues to be critical as they are expected to achieve ‘full performance’ in a short period of time. External studies had shown that this population were particularly vulnerable to integration failure and attrition, but that targeted on-boarding could increase speed to performance and improve retention.

The Challenge

AXA University asked The Odyssey Group to create a global programme for new and recent recruits to the top 1000 of the AXA Global Management population. The key objectives to be met were:

  • To accelerate participants’ time to full performance and lay the foundation for their longer term career success
  • To build alignment to AXA’s Ambition 2012 strategy and objectives and its translation into strategic priorities
  • To increase engagement and sense of belonging to AXA

The Solution

The Odyssey Group designed, developed and implemented an innovative, high impact and rigorously integrated on-boarding programme for AXA which also included the development and delivery of sessions for AXA senior manager, co-facilitators.

The learning experience for newly recruited senior leaders covered:

  • Business knowledge
  • Understanding of Group vision and strategy
  • Strategic focus
  • Creativity, innovation and change
  • Management and leadership
  • Global mindset and networking
  • Continuous learning and self-management

The programme uses a combination of learning approaches encompassing the very best of traditional development experiences with cutting edge theory and practice. Feedback and anecdotal results from AXA University have participants reporting high levels of engagement with, and understanding of, the Ambition 2012 strategy and a reduction in the time it took them to be fully operational.

Sample Participant Feedback:

“An excellent week. Good chance to learn more about Ambition 2012 and how I can start to lead this in my part of the world.”

“Valuable programme with a wonderful opportunity to meet with colleagues and to learn and exchange ideas. Very practical information that we can apply back in our businesses.”

“Very interesting for new managers and leaders in the Group. It is also a powerful motivation for us.”

“Overall learned a lot. Believe that the objectives are well and truly met.”