About us

Odyssey works with companies all over the world to inspire positive change and transform management and leadership behaviour. Our leadership development interventions help individuals and teams at all levels make an enhanced contribution to their business.

Founded in 2002, we have an experienced team of consultants who are totally committed to developing leadership and management capability and performance Each one of them has the experience of a successful Operational and Human Resources background.

Our clients have described our work as: powerful, pragmatic, performance driving and career changing.

Business development with a global reach

Based in South East England, Odyssey supports clients in over 35 countries, supported by a quality network of trusted partners and associates. Whether through, multi-modular or intensive stand-alone workshops and/or coaching, our leadership and management development interventions are flexible and easily incorporated into your daily operations.

Principles that shape our business

  • A passion to develop powerful and unique, ‘fit for purpose’ solutions
  • Working in true partnership with our clients
  • Assimilating global perspectives and best practice
  • Evaluating the underlying value we bring clients
  • Creating sustainable value through ongoing support

With Odyssey, you will see profound change in your people and your business.